Global Enterprise Development
with eConsortium Plan Awards


Main Features
  • All participants will be awarded with a eConsortium Award to advance their core interest
  • Digitally inter-connected and integrated into ready marketplaces and businesses
  • Internationally recognised ebrand affiliation to augur well online business and globalisation successes

Digital-up | Global Enterprise Set-up

Investment by Consortium Corporate | Global Partner Plan
Choice of business interest and marketplace

Global Enterprise Set up plus Digital eConsortium Integration

Directed | Aided Development and Application Module

Global Enterprise 1

Global Enterprise 2

All Global Enterprise Development Modules on completion will be awarded with an appropriate eConsortium Plan as a value-0n to enhance their business performance.

eConsortium Plan Awards and Partnership
All programs are designed for participation and advancement at Qcircle and its knowledge Hubs with an appropriate Consortium Plan Award

Application |eConsortium Partners Privileges | Digital Up. Enterprise Integration – based on your competency and eConsortium Plan