About Qcircle
The Education + Business Consortium

Qcircle is a digital organisation of BPII Group. Established in 1988, it has since evolved to a unique new world Consortium. It features an ecommerce enabled platform with a large cyber infrastructure of interconnected specialty knowledge portals and service channels for cooperative learning and doing business among its members worldwide.
Qcircle is structured with five Knowledge Nodes and two Service Channels to augur success for its eConsortium Ecosystem in sustainable development and growth

QCircle holds a chain of business entities and over 500 rich keyword domain brands. Strategically integrated digitally into one mega eConsortium of investors, business owners, knowledge developers, entrepreneurial innovators and service providers.  The consortium is in constant self-formation, development and growth under one unified Qcircle eConsortium Ecosystem.

QCircle has an ideologically built Education plus Business (“E + B”) portal for sustainable development in digitalisation growth. Here, members find their growth pathway, partner with one another to learn, innovate and be transformed well to fit into today’s growing digital economy.

The main focus of Qcircle is on job and business creation and the regeneration of ideas to create new values. It provides the platform for members to partner among themselves for intra-business privileges and e-commerce reward. Uniquely a eConsortium Ecosystem Partnership for the pursuit of digital growth together.

All qualified participants are digitally connected to a knowledge domain and choice of specialisation to advance their core competencies and businesses in the eConsortium. As a trusted platform,  Qcircle is open for participation by subscription of a Consortium Plan.

A unique eConsortium Ecosystem Partnership

Qcircle is uniquely a digitalised consortium. All members are systematically inducted into Qcircle and are partakers of its new growth paradigm at the eConsortium. It hosts and manages a chain of education based business entities and over 500 rich keyword domain brands.

Qcircle holds a variety of IT driven strategic development platforms. It has a built mega cyber-infrastructure of interconnected specialty portals and service channels for inter-disciplinary learning, cooperative exchanges and business development worldwide.

The dynamics of Qcircle is supported by an idelogically configured “Education plus Business” Paradgm for digitalisation growth. It’s series of internationally recognised knowledge domains, product and service brands provide members the ebusiness catalyst and leverage advantage to augur well a new frontier of digital growth. Here, participants can innovate to create their choice job, career and business with a Consortium Plan.

Distinctively, Qcircle provides a well built eConsortium Ecosystem for entrepreneurial innovation and a strategic digitalisation process. It integrates participants’ core competencies and businesses into one new Consortium in meeting today’s new economy challenges. Participants create their own digital value chains in the consortium to advance their interest wherever they reside.


Qcircle is a strategically built Digital Enterprise Ecosystem. It has a large infrastructure of cyberspace for cooperative pursuits. It provides a shared environment with a structured “Education plus Business” Development Portal for all to participate creatively in the world of rapid digitalisation growth.


Job, business and value chain creation.
We provide a global platform with diversities and challenges for participants to collaborate purposefully, help one another unto the regeneration of ideas and creative development of them for a common good.


A unique eConsortium
We integrate education, businesses and professional practices into one global ecommerce enabled consortium for cooperative learning and doing business among networked members worldwide – a unique eConsortium in constant self-formation, development and growth.


New Education
We advance entrepreneurial innovation and new education pathway opportunities with a cross disciplinary support system for applied development and practical application of it in creating new values.


Education Plus
We offer a set of Consortium Financial Plan with an innovative platform of internationally recognised knowledge portals and service channels for members to participate purposefully anywhere and anytime.


Ecosystem Partnership
We build an integrated framework of value chains under the eConsortium Ecosystem for growth together. It provides co-partnering, entrepreneurial and business development among networked members in an era of digital world.