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Digital Franchises by Specialty Domain Brands

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Internationally recognised rich keyword domain Brands | Ready Businesses and Marketplaces in one mega eConsortium for digitalisation growth together | Unique Integrated Digital Value Chain with Partners Consortium Financial Plan.

Ready Businesses and Marketplaces
  • Value Addons : Create a new business or enhance your existing business
  • Good brands : Choice of specialisation and marketplaces
  • Integrated Value Chain : Intra-business and eCommerce Exchanges @ the eConsortium

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Consortium Partners Plan

Digital Franchise Set-up

Enter the new frontier of Digital Growth

Becoming a Business Owner and a eConsoriutm Plartner
Domain Brand Affiliation | Digital Franchises

For Digital Franchise Set-up

  • Submit your interest here. You will be directed to the next course of action.
  • Consortium Privileges :  Co-identification and creation of value chain  by Brand Affiliation.
  • Directed Online Development with Consortium Partners Financial Plan Award.

Brand Affiliation is open for participation for Associates and Corporates.

Please fill in the below form to request for a domain brand for affiliation or Digital Franchise Set-up :
1. Choose a brand category and proposed a preferred domain brand for affiliation. (Please refer to “Specialty Brand” for choice selection )
2. For submission by applicant with a preferred Qcircle Mentor, the Referral Code is the Mentor’s membership numbers. For direct application please enter 001122. A Qcircle Consultant will be allocated to you to guide your progression.