Enterprise Brands | Digital Ventures

Digital  Value Chain Creation
Strategic enterprise venture development

Digital Enterprise | Start-up to Scale-up
Induction Opportunities as :

  • New Job and Business
  • Professional Career or Specialty Corporate Host
  • Value Addon Consortium Plan for all participants/Clienteles

Enterprise Qcircle

eConsortium Plan | Application

Digital Franchises by rich keyword Domain Brands :  Over 500 specialty brands grouped under  two distinctive sets of Knowledge Nodes and Service Channels.

  • Ready Businesses and Marketplaces
  • Real or Virtual Business Set-up
  • Ecosystem Partnership with rich keyword Specialty Brands
  • Digital Value Chain Creation with Consortium Financial Plan

Special interest for investors and those seeking a eConsortium Ecosystem Partnership with BPII and its eCommerce Consortium @ Qcircle. Consult us on list of Specialty Brands and Marketplaces

Submit your interest and proposition here. Our Consultant | Business Advisor will guide you on the next stage of action.

Investors Partners Proposition Investors  and those seeking partnership or collaboration | All well-established competent persons or corporations desirous to be part of BPII – Qcircle and its eConsortium Ecosystem for growth can submit their proposition for Brand Affiliation | Digital Franchise.   Our Consultant /Business Advisor will provide you the development process.