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Explore. Learn. Innovate. Transform. Enterprise @ Qcircle.
An online program for entrepreneurial innovators.

International Entrepreneurial Innovation

Enter Qcircle’s eLITE environment. Learn to Innovate. Be transformed here. All participants will receive a one-year Starters Plan (EIM) on enrollment to find their fit and chart their own progression.

eLITE Online is fast track practical integration of members’ competencies into the eConsortium @ Qcircle. Here you can systematically value add a new job or business into your portfolio. Participants on completion of the each level of eLite Program (1 to 3) are rewarded with an appropriate Consortium Plan for privileges and reward.

All qualified persons will be granted a complimentary one-year Affiliate Plan on completion of the Start-up module for immediate privileges


  • Progression Proposal – The Digital Innovation Start-up Plan
  • Strategic positioning of core competencies and businesses in new marketplaces. Setting pathwayed opportunities.
  • Submission of work portfolio for assessment. Application of Competency Award.
  • Eligible for subscription to an appropriate category of Affiliate Plan.
  • Status : Affiliate @ Qcircle


  • Integration Proposal – The Strategic Gateway Plan.
  • Strategic development for new marketplaces. Integration of members’ competencies into the eConsortium for growth.
  • Submission of Integration Project File for Certification Assessment. Application of Certification Award.
  • Eligible for subscription to an appropriate category of Associate Plan.
  • Status : Associate @ Qcircle


  • Brand Affiliation – The Solution Global Plan.
  • Getting into the critical factors of today’s success. Digital affiliation with good domain brand for ready global marketplaces.
  • Submission of Digital Brand Project File for Strategic Global Ready Assessment. Application for a Globalisation Award.
  • Eligible for subscription to an appropriate category of Corporate Plan.
  • Status : Corporate Host @ Qcircle


  • Enterprise development – Value Chain Creation.
  • System integration of participants’s competencies and businesses into the eConsortium. Enterprise @ Qcirce with new value chain for digitalisation growth.
  • Submission of Enterprise Project File for online review and implementation at the eConsortium
  • Direct application to Partners Plan . One year complimentary Global Partners Privilege Plan for actualisation of rewards
  • Status : Global Partner @ Qcircle

Program Format and Agenda

Program Plan may vary to meet local requirements of participants