Progression | eCommerce Consortium Plan

Job and business worldwide @ the eConsortium | Select choice of interest to advance

Value Addon eCommerce Consortium Plan

The eCommerce Consortium Plan is for all who are desirous to be identified with Qcircle and its growth paradigm. It provides subscribers / members opportunities to create a flexible job, career or business portfolio at the eConsortium with their core competencies wherever they reside. The Plan allocates provileges and reward.

Business Associates

Corporate Hosts

Global Partners

Progression | Enterprise Brands

Advance with a specialisation | Create a digital value chain for your competencies and businesses. You will be digitally connected to a specialty knwoledge domain for eConsortium recognition.

Choice of Consortium Plan | Knowledge Domain

Progression | Select a Knowledge Domain. Participation is determined by competency verification of prior learning and experience. Subscribers are accorded an appropriate category of privileges and rewards for their participation. Consortium Plan is classified into three financial categories. Find your own fit, select a knowledge domain and progress at your own pace and place.  Set a Consortium Plan and choice of interest to set up allocated product and service eCommerce listing as per plan.

Digital Entrepreneurship | The eConsortium Partnership Process