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Entrepreneurial Innovation

Qcircle | The eConsortium

For all who are desirious to be part of Qcircle and its growth process.

Innovate to create a job or business at the eConsortium. The platform provides you the space to develop new value opportunities. You enhance your core competencies and potential with a Consortium Plan. The plan allocates privileges and rewards. Participants have a choice of knowledge domain and specialty portal to jump start their entrepreneurial endeavours and to advance to create a value chain at the eConsortium at their own pace.

Immediate Affiliate Opportunities. Create a job at the eConsortium now.

Job Creation

  • Affiliate @ Qcircle.
  • Choice of flexi-job and career advancement
  • Affiliate Privileges and Rewards

New Profession

  • Associate @ Qcircle.
  • Choice of new profession and specialisation.
  • Associate Privileges and Rewards.

Business Creation

  • Corporate @ Qcircle.
  • Choice of specialty and regional business host.
  • Corporate Privileges and Rewards.