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Digital Innovation | Start-up to Scale-up

New World of Opportunities for Entrepreneurs, Education, Business and Professional Service Providers / Owners. Create your own job and business portfolio based on your competency and lifestyle choice

  • Full time or Part time. Work Anywhere and Everywhere in the fast growing digital economy.
  • Flexible Career or Parallel Job and Business Opportunities in ready marketplaces

Job and Business @ Qcircle | Progress at your own space and place

eCommerce Business | Digital Value Creation aligns participants’ core competencies and businesses into today’s global new economies. You can create your own ebusiness and eCommerce portfolio at Qcircle

  • Value addon specialty brands to enhance your competencies and businesses worldwide
  • Digital value chains for global and inter-business development and ecommerce exchanges

eCommerce Solution Integration with  Consortium Plan Award

Digital Enterprise | Integrated Value Chain @ Qcircle, a strategic globalisation of businesses with a built eCommerce Consortium Ecosystem in today’s digital economy. It provides inter-business and ecommerce collaboration.

  • Good business leverage with internationally recognised rich keyword knowledge domains
  • Over 500 domain brands and ready marketplaces for co-identification and digital growth together

Knowledge domain brand affiliation with Consortium Plan Award

Qcircle | The eConsortium

For all who are desirious to be part of Qcircle and its growth process. Unique Offer
  • Establish a new job, career or business
  • Enhance your competencies or existing businesses
On enrolment, you can partner with a fellow Qcircle Mentor / Consultant to pace your development.
Innovate and create a job or business at the eConsortium. The platform also provides you the space to develop new value opportunities.
  • You can value addon to your core competencies and potentials with a Consortium Plan. The plan allocates privileges and rewards.
  • You can select a choice of knowledge domain brand to jump start your entrepreneurial endeavours and advance to create a value chain at the eConsortium at their own pace.



  • Creation of New Job, Career and Business
  • Choice of Interest and Working Mode
  • eCommerce Consortium Plan Rewards
  • Creation of eCommerce Businesses
  • Choice of specialisation and marketplaces
  • eCommerce Consortium Plan Rewards
  • Creation of digital value chain enterprises
  • Integrated businesses with specialty brands
  • eCommmerce Consortium Plan Rewards



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All Investors Clienteles, Business Owners Solution Developers, Service Providers and End Users are welcome to be part of Qcircle. Participants are unified to the eConsortium by a digital integration process. The integrated specialty knowledge domain provides cross business service support, creates synergy and augurs sustainable development successes in any project delivery.

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Digital entrepreneurship @ Qcircle

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