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International Internet Club is a multi-faceted exchange hub. connects a chain of internet clubs. It is a platform for both business and social interaction in the sharing of ideas and regenerative endeavours among its members across the globe. It provides the space for entrepreneurial development and networking. Special e-bizcreation programs and posting privileges for students and entrepreneurs.

Flagship Programs and Activities : EbizCreation and InternetPlus | Lifestyle, Social and Business

Job and Business Opportunities : Professional Associate | Specialist Associate | Professional Consultant| Corporate Host.

Flagship Progammrd and Activities : eBizcreation for all | Lifestyle, Business or Social Exchanges
Job and Business Opportunities : Business Affiliate | Professional Associate  | InternetClub Community | Corporate Host.
Dedicated eCommerce Website :


Open Enterprise by eConsortium Plan | Awards and Rewards

Head Start as a Business Affiliate

Create immediate Job or Business | Upgrade with a choice specialty domain or to higher eCommerce Consortium Plan that suits your growth pursuit.  

Business Affiliate @ Internet CLub

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