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All events/programs are organised and delivered by Members Partners.
New participants will be provided with a one year Starters Plus Plan on enrollment to chart their progression @ Qcircle.

  • Complimentary upgrade to Affiliate Plan for qualified persons on completion on select programs.
  • Online registration is a requisite to participate in any event.

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Enterprise Qcircle

Enterprise Workshop | eLITE Practicum
Start-up to Scale-up Series

Innovation Workshop

Entrepreneurial Innovation | Affiliate Start-up
New Job and business development

Digitalisation Qcircle

Strategic Digitalisation.
Creation of Digital Values and Global Marketplaces

E-Partners Conference

eConsortium Ecosystem Partners at business series.
Co-development of qualifying programs

Qcircle Biz Induction

Getting digitally connected. Explore eConsortium opportunities. Complimentary Upgrade to Affililiate Privilege Plan for all qualified participants

Members Exchanges

Share, learn or earn. For members and by members

Induction Event

Getting digitally connected.
Complimentary Starters Plus EIM Plan for all participants

EIM Event

From Members to Members Series.
Empowering Entrepreneurs

SGM Forum

Digital Enterprise | Practicum
New jobs, businesses, and marketplaces

LLL Event

Life Long Learning
New Jobskill and Mindskill sets