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Business Start-up Plan | Quick eCommerce Portfolio Set-up

Quick Induction | Business Affiliate Plan and Reward

The Plan is for all who are desirous to be identified with Qcircle and its growth paradigm. It provides subscribers / members opportunities to create a flexible career or parallel job wherever they reside.

All participants will be digitally linked to a uniquely built multi-faceted eConsortium for intra-business development and exchanges.

Quick Startup | Affiliates

Participation is determined by competency verification of prior learning and experience. Subscribers are accorded an appropriate category of privileges and rewards for their participation. Affiliate Plan is classified into three categories. You can jumpstart a digital enterprise as a Business Affiliate with a choice of a Qcircle Service Channel brands View Consortium Affiliate Plan before application. Find your own fit and progress at your own pace and place.

Qualified Affiliate

Professional Affiliate

Business Affiliate

Immediate eConsortiun Affiliate Set-up

Business Start-up Digital Package

Progression @ Qcircle

Affiliates can enhance their businesses with a specialty enterprise brand and a higher eCommerce Consortium Plan.

Consortium Plan Form

Please fill in the below form to request for Plan upgrade / approval :
1. For direct application by members, please enter your Members ID
2. For submission by applicant with an allocated Mentor, the Referral Code is the Mentor’s membership numbers

Business Upgrade
To apply for upgrade / new consortium plan,  please provide details. Terms and Conditions apply.


Aided Strategic Development Project
Practicum and Internsip Available
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Directed Development

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SGM Solution – 1 for Business and Professional Service Providers

SGM Solution – 2 for Professional Practice | Business Owners and SMEs