SG Ready Award for Ecommerce Host Registry


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Be Global.

Strategic Global (SG) Ready Award (E-biz SG) is for all Qualified and Certified Members wo are desirous to be part of Qcircle Members Consortium and have completed a Strategic Global Media program in E-biz SG Application.

Award :
SG Ready Award ( E-biz SG) for entry into Qcircle Members Consortium.

Privileges :
Participation as a Ecommerce Registry Member for self-actualisation of financial returns on subscription of a Registry Plan ( Ecommerce Members Registry. Subject to Members Plan and Policy)

Process :
Submit your Strategic Global Media Application ( E-biz SG Module) File for assessment.

You may be directed to an alternate pathway to become a Registry Member if you are unable to meet with the criteria of the Award.

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